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You cannot teach God anything. 
He cannot learn, nor has He learned anything from anyone. 
He cannot lie, and is always total truth.
He knows instantly and effortlessly all mysteries, all enigmas, all causes and effects,
 all about heaven and hell, and everything that is good and that is evil.
From womb to tomb He watches over us.
He is more wise than wisdom, more loving than love, more splendid than splendour,
this infinite God is concerned with our intimate things, our protection, purpose and our problems.

Psalms emotionally heal us because His word is spirit and life to the heart of man.   Our past needs the balm of Gilead if our future is to bask in His presence.

Psalm 139 reveals seven things God will do for the seeking saint in terms of His perfect knowledge.

(1) HE KNOWS our intimate details  (verses 2,3)

His loving concern for us is 100% or 24/7.   Jesus is never exempt from any issue or detail in a saint’s life.   In the work and rest patterns of life He watches over us with examination, sifting the motive behind our path (verse 3).  Our responsibility to God’s all-knowing eye will involve us in heart searching honesty.   The Psalm ends with our need for the Lord to search us.   Fellowship with Jesus is halted by our unconfessed sin.  However, He always feels after our ways, knowing why we do certain things.   The God of now forgiveness is the God of healing of our past.   The bitter pool experiences are healed by the tree being cut and felled into the troubled waters.   Invite the Cross into your sins and into your negatives.

Pray “Lord Jesus I accept Your sovereignty over all my past.......all my faults  and sin, all my hurts and pain You gave me these experiences not primarily for myself, but in your redeeming grace, for others, who I will meet in your pre-planned future. Amen.”
(2) GOD KNOWS our Speech  (verse 4)

Even in a world of spin, and deception, God knows whether our speech truly echoes our heart, or how we are on the inside.   Remember Luke 4:22 when those who heard the gracious words of Jesus began to query, “is this not Joseph’s son?”  The second voice after the sense of wonder was in the flesh.   What lurks behind our apparent praise?   It remains the first voice or impression is usually God!   The second statement or question is often the voice of the stranger or hireling.   The idea that comfort and encouragement is God and rebuke or correction is the devil, deceives God’s people.  Proverbs 15:31,32 says:

“the ear that hears the rebukes of life will abide among the wise.  He who disdains instruction despises his own soul, but he who  heeds rebuke gets understanding.”
Rebuke in a spirit of gentleness wins the open heart to a place of contrition.   Pleasant words can come to those who repent.   Proverbs 16:24 says:
“Pleasant words are like a honeycomb;  sweetness to the soul and health to the bones.”
God knows our words and the motive and spirit behind them. He knows our words completely.

(3) GOD KNOWS HOW TO PROTECT US  (verses 5,6)

As we abide and hang in there in His love, He promises to enclose us in total security. (See Psalm 91:1).   Before us and behind us we find the providences of God.   He sees everything beforehand.  He has made the video of our lives before a day ever existed!  And laid His hand upon us to protect and to anoint us.   Maintaining fellowship with this wonderful God becomes the bedrock of all obediences.   Job’s testimony of coming forth as gold (shining out God’s character in the midst of cruel adversity) was in the context of having the hedge of protection taken away.   Job 23:10-12 could be the high knowledge the Psalmist describes in verse 6.   He knows the way that we take.....and Job succeeded in coming out of the trial to the end intended by the Lord.   Always remember the devil is on a leash under the sovereignty of God’s purpose.


Nothing escapes His scrutiny because He knows what is in the darkness.   He knows why we sometimes want to escape into irresponsibility.   Whoever we are - in earth, in heaven or in hell, we know He knows every detail of our lives, every thought and impulse of emotion, every movement of the Holy Spirit in the deepest recess of our being.   The Lord oversees and orchestrates what is in the darkness.   The remarkable 1 Kings 22:19-22 reveals demons in the light of the Lord!   God allows choice saints to go through a dark night of the soul where the treasures of darkness may be revealed.

God knew what was the darkness of Genesis 1:2, and how the demonic ravaged the original creation.   God knows the darkness of the cosmic blackout of Matthew 24:29.   Jesus knew the night that was in the heart of His betrayer in John 13:30 where a double entendre occurred in the Greek.   God knew what was in the darkness of the devil’s three hour onslaught when Jesus was hanging on the cross (Matthew 27:45).   This was no solar eclipse, but an army of every demon on earth and in the air and in hell being driven to Golgotha by the Lord Jesus, who triumphed over them in the cross by ripping them off His soul and body.  (See Colossians 2:15).

His irrevocable victory includes seeing God walk off centre stage of Golgotha, leaving His Son to accomplish the triumph over evil spirits. He knows what is in the darkness.

(5) GOD KNOWS our Creation and our Purpose  (verses 13,14)

God put a blue print in our genes at birth to evolve into His purpose and calling for us.  This sensational good news speaks of our discovery through the Holy Spirit of the good works in Christ Jesus that were pre-programmed by God before time began.  We have to be born from above to do the marvellous works our sanctified souls knows very well.   God skillfully made you a unique being and wrote down the days He planned for us in His book.   For example in David’s life:

 *     God knew the day David was conceived and shaped in the sin of anxiety and rejection (Psalm 51) 
 *     God knew the day when a murderous heart was found in David.
         (1 Samuel 25)
 *     God knew the twin sin of adultery and murder.
 *     God knew David would praise God everyday of his life seven times.
 *     God knew the days of wilderness wandering (over 2,600 days).
 *     God knew the 1,000 plus days of domestic bliss with a wise woman, Abigail.
 *     He knew the thousands of days of military victory and conquest.
 *     He knew the thousands of days of poetic inspiration.
God knows the days we go through and the days when we experience eternal life and heaven on earth.

(6) HE KNOWS our response to enemy activity  (verses 19-22)

Jesus hated lawlessness more than anyone else and was anointed beyond the sons of men.   Hate is a positive and negative emotion.   Godly hate is required if we are to press beyond Romans 7 and enter the flow of Holy Spirit living in Romans 8 (see Romans 7:14,15).   We are called to hate sin and satan. A deliverance minister is anointed in proportion to his personal hatred toward the flesh (self-life), the world system and the devil. We loathe those who rise up against the Lord and His kingdom (Psalm 139 v.21).   We love sinners but hate their sin. There comes a moment in a man’s life when his wickedness is so great he goes beyond redemption.   Evil spirit powers entangle him so completely, he lives as an enemy to all righteousness.The prayer of David has a new testament reference in 2 Thessalonians 1:6.

“since it is a righteous thing with God to repay with tribulation those who trouble you.”
We have to be super-sensitive to the Holy Spirit when to apply such a verse, because mercy triumphs over judgement.   However, there comes a limit to God’s forbearance. The Holy Spirit wants to cleanse the church  by bringing repentance to millions of believers who have wasted time listening to cooks on tv who are blasphemers, rock musicians who are promiscuous and worse, politicians who are double-minded and all those of the world who hate true biblical Christianity.   God will scrutinize our reaction to what is not of Him, to see if our hearts are pure.

(7) HE KNOWS our anxieties  (verse 23)

Anxiety weighs you down, robs you of your experience of salvation, chokes the words, blinds us to the wonder of the moment and kills off revelation.   Some cannot stop washing their hands because of the anxiety or guilt.   Even Paul was concerned to the point of aching grief at the state of the churches in 2 Corinthians 11:28.   A de-realization or detachment from the true self comes to the ceaseless worrier.   The causes are many:-

 *   unstable parents involving many geographic moves of house when little.
 *   perfectionism or superiority in parents.
 *   lack of social interaction and periods of loneliness.
 *   the guilt of a wrong standing under God.
      (Righteousness is right standing...)
 *   no, or little affirmation in formative years.   Rejection as inability
      to hear the affirmation.
 *   sickness, insomnia, co-dependancy.
 *   occult in hereditary bloodline.
God knows the causes and the symptoms of our anxieties.   Worry is a crime against trusting the provision of His precious promises.

We pray 

 “Search me O God and know my heart,
 Try me and know my anxieties.
 And see if there is any wicked way in me,
 And lead me in the way everlasting.”
Eternal life is multiplied by grace by those who have the honesty to examine themselves.   Spend an hour with God and yield yourself unreservedly to Him.  Why?
He alone knows us completely and died for our sins to reveal His complete acceptance for our unworthy lives.   The everlasting way flows from Christ and Him crucified. Hallelujah!

Let us explore His omniscience because His providence is always perfect.   Providence means “to see beforehand” - God has got a video of your life before you ever came upon the world’s stage.   Security, identity, and destiny rest in the Father’s Knowledge of us.! 

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