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Creative Hearts Ministries - "Glory to Glory" - A Book by  Keith Mason

From Glory to Glory

“… the mother of Jesus said to Him, they have no wine”. John 2: 3 When we admit our need, then Jesus comes to our rescue. He cannot enter a self contained, self interested life. You have to come to an end, admit bankruptcy and know there is no wine. You have run out of the elixir of life – the joy has gone, the reason for living is fading fast.

Jesus knew the wedding was coming to a premature end. He didn’t need Mary to tell him. She began to interfere and so Jesus replied abruptly and cut himself off from her apron strings. He would act independently of her, but, dependently upon the Father’s word. He could do NOTHING OF HIMSELF says John 5: 19. He was listening to Father, entirely DEPENDENT on heaven’s direction.


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